Acrylic Nails – Broken Glass Nail Design – (E042)


Published on August 28, 2015

I definitely need a fill this time as you can see, I filled of most of the previous acrylic without filling into my natural nail.
I always apply a very thing layer of acrylic before applying the color and design to protect my natural nails when I decide to change the design again. It will keep me from filing into my natural nails.

The new acrylic mix is a new mix that will be available on the website soon, not sure what I’m going to call it yet so if you have any suggestion let me know.

Before Design

Products Used

-Pink acrylic powder
-new acrylic mix (coming soon)
-Glitter Acrylic 14K Gold
-Clear Acrylic powder
-Gold metal shapes (coming Soon)
-Pink and AB crystals
-High Gloss Sealer

Prep N Prime
-Acid Free Primer
-Nail Prep dehydrator


How to prep nails

How to clean your brushes

How to do Fill

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