Acrylic Nails – how to – lupus inspired nails


Published on August 28, 2015

Hey everyone, so here is my video for the week, my lupus inspired nails…my sister struggles with this awful disease but she handles it so well, its an auto-immune disease where your immune system turns on itself and eventually attacks organs, the butterfly is a symbol for lupus due to the butterfly rash that lupus sufferers have during a flare up, my other sister is doing a 13mile run in order to raise awareness and money to help find a cure for this terrible illness, she’ll be doing it in Newcastle “the Great Northern Run”. I’ll be hoping to join her there to watch it all so I can get some good pictures for instagram :)
If you would lie to donate to help my sister and all of the lupus sufferers please follow the following link:

These nails were created using Naio acrylic liquid and powder and nsi polish pro gel colours “blue velvet rope and bright magenta”

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