Acrylic Nails How To Sculpted Butterfly using Brillbird Products


Published on September 11, 2015

Hi everyone, so for my video this week I wanted to create a butterfly by sculpting it with acrylic. The products I used were Brillbird Acrylic liquid and powder to create my nail bed, Naio liquid and powder along with Barry M nail polishes to create the butterfly wings. The brushes iused were as follows: Crystal Nails brush A8, and “the ultimate big boy” from Sally’s.
So I don’t know why my camera didn’t film the most important part (the butterfly) however I did an extra video using a practice finger, sorry about that guys.
So here was my inspiration for the butterfly:
I created a purple butterfly to represent the lupus butterfly as its the great north race this weekend so we’re going to see my sister run in aid of lupus…cant wait.
I did do a different design on my thumb nails but with this video being so long I didn’t have time to show you what design I did so I thought I might create another how-to video for my thumbs later on in the week.
So I hope you enjoyed my video this week, thank you for watching. Bye xx

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