Acrylic Nails tartan and tweed how-to using Naio liquid and powder


Published on October 2, 2015

Hey everyone, so here is my video for the week, I used pictures from a magazine to create the tartan and tweed look, ive seen this being done with napkins but when I saw these patterns I was desperate to have them on my nails! and I have to say I love them, and theyre all ready for the “Olympia Beauty Show” on Sunday.

To create this look I used Naio liquid and clear powder, and I used “rose petal pink” from ebay member “traceynailvision” to create my nail bed.

So I hope you enjoyed my video for this week guys, thankyou so much for watching, see you next week, or if any of you are going to be at the Olympia show this weekend I might see you there 😉 Bye xxx

All links to the products I used are below:
Nail bed colour from Tracey:
Naio liquid and powder:
Brillbird nail forms:

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