Cute Nails! Nail Art inspired by Jammies | Nails Designs


Published on September 1, 2015

These cute nails are inspired by nail art artist Jammies . She makes cool nail art tutorials and nail art videos, so make sure to check her nail art channel out! Stitched nails are one of my personal best nail art designs – they could be perfect for a school dance or a party! All you need for this nail art tutorial is some cute polish! I used pink, white and black nail polish shades. This nail tutorial looks so cute, but it is very easy to make, suitable for nail art beginners. I show how to achieve these cute nails step by step and this cute nail design looks great on both, long and short nails. With these party nails or nail art for a school dance you’ll surely rock! All your school mates will love them and once you tell them it’s super easy to make, they will love you and the nails even more!

First, I applied base coat on all my nails to prevent them from staining. I then took a cute polish in pink, which will serve as a background to my cute stitched nails nail art, and painted all of my nails. Best way to make a perfect symmetrical stencil for your nails is with a help of a scotch tape. Fold the tape in half and draw half of the shape on the folded scotch tape. Cut the shape out and unfold the tape. Tape it on the nails and take a white nail polish to color the shape. While the polish is still wet remove the tape and you get a perfect shape on your nails. I made heart and triangle shapes using this nail art technique. This could be a cute nail art by itself… I also took paint brush bought in local craft store and nail polish to create some circle and square shapes. At this point is time to fill in the shapes so our nails will look super cute. Polish in light pink and dark pink is perfect for this.I made small hearts, polka dots and stripes to fill the shapes. Then I outlined all the shapes using a black nail polish, you can also use a gray one if you want a bit softer nails design. Finally, make some vertical short lines on top of the outline, which will represent stitches! It’s so incredibly easy — perfect for beginners, but so cute!