HOW TO: ❄️Matte Christmas Sweater Acrylic Nails❄


Published on December 3, 2015

Hi, everyone!

For my first Christmas nail design I wanted to recreate the matte Christmas nails I did 2 years ago using acrylic powder. This time I used only nail polish.

Advanced Decal Method:

I apply polish to the stamping plate, scrape it off and press the stamper firmly on the image.

Once the image has transferred and is 100% dry on the stamper I apply INM Out The Door Top Coat and I let that dry for at least 15 minutes.

I stamp all the other images and repeat this process.

I apply NON ACETONE POLISH REMOVER to my nail, this will make the polish sticky and it will make the decal stick to the polish.

Once the decal is on my nail I add more polish remover to the underside of the decal and press it down.

I do this because I’m bad at stamping images completely straight on my nail and I don’t want to keep re-doing my nails.

If you can stamp perfectly straight then you can skip this step.

In the end, my method and stamping directly on the nail looks exactly the same.

All product info is below

Born Pretty BP-01 Plate

Winstonia W120 Plate

Madam Glam – Snow White (best white stamping polish!)

OPI – Can’t Be Beet

Firm Pink Stamper

Firm Red Stamper

Squishy Red Stamper

Scraper Card

Top Coat to seal stamped image


Thin Nail Art Brush

Non Acetone Polish Remover

Seche Vite

Essie Matte Top Coat

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