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Published on November 21, 2015

Hey Dolls,
I was going through my nail stash and came across my ShebaNails Gelcrylic items and decided to put it to use. I love this system. They last me the normal two weeks. Best of all super easy to soak off. The concealer powders allow you to either wear them as is or if you get bored you can easily switch them up with nail laquer or gel polish. Thin layers and avoiding product on your sides and cuticles (as with all nail products) will give you success with this system and of course proper prep a Dehydrator and Primer are a must. Take your time & you can do it.

ShebaNails Website:

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Items Used:
Natural Nail tips (local nail wholesale)
IBD 5 second glue
ASP dehydrant
Nailite Something Wonderful Primer
ShebaNails Gelcrylic Gel (LED/UV SOAK OFF)
ShebaNails Gelcrylic Powder Concealer Peach Fuzz
Sensationail New 2x Faster LED light
91% Isopropyl Alcohol

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