I’m Envious Of White Women…. 20 Lipstick Recommendations PERFECT for Dark Skin


Published on April 24, 2013

Tired of seeing women of color wearing shade of lipsticks, suitable for fair skintones? Thumbs up this video if these recommendations were helpful & Share with friends on Facebook & Twitter.

Everyone isn’t going to have the same taste in makeup, but there are lipstick shades that compliment rather then retract from your beauty. While the standard of beauty uses Eurocentric women as a base line for products and the shades created, that doesn’t mean that EVERY woman should follow and purchase. For example, Soft Ochre paint pot, we all can use it, but it’s popular because its a “skin tone” base. (Whose skin tone?) Not mine! Saint Germain lipstick, a pastel pink, popular among women at large, but looks best on light complexions, yet WE try try try. Don’t let me get on Myth and Siss lipsticks that often look like TOO LIGHT concealor. Often times women of color feel that their isn’t a large enough selection of makeup or that makeup brands tend to cater to Caucasian women, but honestly I think we should reset our thinking , as to what ACTUALLY looks complimentary and flattering. As women of color we range in several shades, and undertone, so these aren’t the end all be all of complimentary lipsticks, but it’s a great start.

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