Nail Art Tutorial: Easy Galaxy Print (perfect for beginners!)


Published on July 27, 2015

Tutorial for cute and easy galaxy nails ^^ These are perfect for beginners and suitable for both short and long nails!

The tiny paintbrush I’m using is from a craftstore and I’ve trimmed it to make it thinner. You can see how to do it here:

The purple stuff can be bought here:

Mess no more liquid latex can be bought here:

Polishes used:
Black: PPN ‘respect’ (from
White: PPN ‘divinely made’ (from
Light pink: essie ‘fiji’
Peach: opi ‘sorry i’m fizzy today’
Hot pink: opi ‘strawberry margarita’
Darker pink: essie ‘watermelon
Light blue-ish-purple: essie ‘bikini so teeny’
Darker blue-ish-purple: essie ‘chills & thrills’
Lilac: opi ‘do you lilac it?’
Dark purple: opi ‘purple with a purpose’
Mint: essie ‘mint candy apple’
Turquoise: essie ‘where’s my chauffeur?’
Medium blue: opi ‘no room for the blues’
Neonish blue: essie ‘i’m addicted’
Dark blue: essie ‘hide & go chic’
Topcoat: essie ‘good to go’ and opi ‘matte topcoat’

Silver Blue Light by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0